The Ten Most-Read City of Ate Stories of 2012

With only a few days left in the year, I decided to hit our reporting software and see what you guys clicked on most in 2012. The last time I did this, bikini-clad women made more than one appearance in my year-end list. This year you guys have proven yourselves nothing but a bunch of cheap-ass drunks.

The Cheap Bastard's Ultimate Guide to Eating like a Total Cheap Bastard in Dallas Everyone loves a deal, but apparently Aters are especially attuned to stories that offer cheap eats for cynical bastard types. If you find yourself scrounging for change in the couch cushions at the end of every week, be sure to bookmark this one.

Phone Stacking: The New Dinner Game That, Let's Be Honest, We're All Too Weak to Play I actually did try this one on more than one occasion. It worked. It actually worked. Which is probably why we stopped playing.

Dr Pepper Be Damned, Dublin Bottling Works is Striking Back Against Big Soda The Dublin Bottling works was an underdog, comeback story we could all get behind. They've gone on to take over soda taps all over Texas.

New Miller Lite Punch Top Can Makes Shotgunning Beers So Much Easier The punch top can offers the speedy consumption of cheap beer, and you guys clicked the shit out of our story about it.

Dallas' Five Best Brunch Spots Really?

"100 Favorite Dishes" Archives This is more like it. I'm still not tired of paging through all these dishes. And I can't wait to start the next list next year.

Let's Get Fahreinhammered! (The Bitching-About-Texas-Weather Drinking Game) You guys and your alcohol. This isn't the only drinking game that made our top 10 list this year. I'm a little worried about you.

British Guy If you've ever hung out with a British ex-pat you know talking food can be a funny and confusing undertaking. Check out this blog post if you need some help with the lingo.

French Fast-Food Chain Introduces the Star Wars Burger Line, Including One on a Black Bun The battle of the dark side pitted against everything good: realized through terrible burgers. In French.

Drunklympics: The 2012 Summer Olympics Drinking Game I told you it was a boozy year, and apparently drinking for drinking's sake is not enough. The games are long gone, but the Olympic spirit will live on here on City of Ate, nestled in the bottom of a shot glass.

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