The Theodore Celebrates 'The Last Jedi' With Cocktails That Will Take You to the Dark Side

We're going over to the dark side for this special menu.
We're going over to the dark side for this special menu. Tiffany Tran
The next installment the of the Star Wars series, The Last Jedi, comes out Friday. Yes, we're all looking forward to hearing lightsaber sounds and seeing more of Mark Hamill postpuberty, but the Theodore seems to be particularly excited about the new release. For opening day, it's created a specialty cocktail menu with four cocktails featuring the 86 Co. liquor lineup.

The drinks range from straightforward liquor-citrus-sweet combinations to a little over-the-top (in the best way possible) cocktails like the Jedi Master, made with Caña Brava Rum, coconut milk, port, thyme and lemon. And while we're slightly disappointed that we weren't sipping them from lightsaber straws, they were good enough to make up for it.

These are the cocktails you're looking for. Enjoy them through Sunday.

The Dark Side ($7): Cabeza Tequila, Yellow Chartreuse, elderflower, house bitters, activated charcoal

Sith Lord ($7): Fords Gin, Aperol, citrus, drops of "intergalactic chaos"

Yodalicius ($7): lemon oil-infused Aylesbury Duck Vodka, mint syrup, splash of "the Force"

Jedi Master ($7): Caña Brava Rum, coconut milk, port, thyme, lemon 

The Theodore, 8687 N. Central Expressway, No. 1804 (Northpark Center), thetheodore.com
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