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The Ticket's Mark Followill Drops Top Five Taco Bombs On Dallas Listeners

I do not know Mark Followill, but if I met him, Id buy him a taco. I'm digging on the top five taco spot he just delivered on the popular Sports Radio Station known as The Ticket. As a fellow taco lover I have to challenge a few of his suggestions, but for the most part, I think he came up with a pretty interesting list.

Followill's first pick was the pastor taco from Taco Diner. While I have some friends that love the place, I've always found the chain pretty bland in terms of the tacos they serve. If you're looking for upscale tacos in a full-service setting, you're much better off at the new Meso Maya

Followill's second recommendation is another chain restaurant that comes by way of Austin. I have not had the brushfire taco at Torchy's, but I have dined at the restaurant. If the brushfire taco, based on spicy jerk chicken, is half as good as their brisket tacos, I'd say this is a strong recommendation.

The third taco was the Hotlanta, served at Good 2 Go Taco. I love this place and have had nothing but great food every time I've dined there. My favorites include their morning breakfast tacos. Don't sleep on the coffee there, either.

Taco number four pointed to the barbacoa taco at Fuel City and I must say this is Followill's greatest misstep. To the east lies Fuel Town, a similar gas station setup on Inwood Road, with barbacoa that is light years better than Fuel City's. I just ate the one in this picture today. It's a great taco.

And last, but most definitely not least, Followill picks La Banqueta, one of the overall best taquerias in town. My only issue with this pick is that he names one of the most boring tacos they serve. Sure, the chorizo is fine, but the tripe, cabeza and pastor are all much more interesting, and delicious while their suadero taco is the finest I've had in Dallas.

Still, it's a fun list. You know... for a sports guy. But I think the next time they want to talk tacos (or burgers, sandwiches or wings) on The Ticket they ought to give CoA a call.

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