The Top-Six Anime and Manga Food Babes

Manga and anime, Japanese comics and cartoons, respectively, have a long history of sexually objectifying female characters. This extends to food, specifically in the food-themed manga subgenre, which is unofficially called mangia manga. Among the popular series in that subgenre are Food Girls, Kitchen Princess and Oishinbo, of which the latter has sold more than 100 million paperbacks since its 1983 debut. Some manga and anime sweet things are hot enough to eat. Below are our top scrumptiously drawn babes.

Bulma This turquoise-haired vixen was initially a main character in Dragon Ball, arguably the most popular and influential manga and anime. Bulma's name is a bastardization of "bloomers." Two words: edible panties!

Rangiku Matsumoto This beauty with gigantic melons is a Shinigami, one who shepherds souls to the other side, battling demonic hollows and their leader when necessary. She shares an affinity for nasty pabulum with a fellow Bleach dish (see below). Who cares about chicks with guns? How about a lady with a sword and bad taste in food?

Najika Kazami The ingénue of Kitchen Princess, Najika, is an orphaned culinary student in search of her "Flan Prince," a young man who offered her some flan after saving her from falling into a river. Before he vanished, Najika promised her hero that she would make him the most delicious dessert in the world once they were reunited. She'll give up the goods, for sure.

Karuga Sohma In the manga Fruits Basket, Sohma's family transform into animals of the Chinese zodiac when embraced. College co-ed Karuga, doe-eyed and prudishly dressed, becomes a boar, which is like awesome pork, which is a euphemism for, well, you know.

Orihime Inoue This schoolgirl, another Bleach character, has the hots for protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki, but she isn't going to get to the boy's heart through his stomach. Orihime's culinary concoctions are worthy of vomiting. That's cool, if you're into that sort of thing.

Strawberry-chan C'mon, just look at this hottie from the manga Food Girls.

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