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The Truck Yard Food-Truck Park is Open on Greenville, and Carnival Barker's Is There

The Truck Yard (5624 Sears) at 5624 Sears Street, Dallas' third permanent food truck park, opened over the weekend, tucked behind Lower Greenville near the new Trader Joe's. This big backyard-esque spot is the brainchild of Jason Boso, a guy who's pretty good at big backyard-esque projects (see Twisted Root). The tree-shaded plot will host different food trucks every day for lunch and dinner, but also has a permanent cheesesteak spot in a red metal building at the front if you're not digging the food truck options. And, finally, the very lovely ice cream creations from Carnival Barker's Ice Creams is open too.

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Fort Worth has nailed the food truck park thing, with spots that give consumers a cool space to chill while trying the different culinary offerings on wheels. Fly-By Food Truck Park under the descending or ascending airplanes at Love Field offers a place for trucks to conglomerate, along with an indoor air-conditioned area for diners, and a lot of free beer lately (yes, free). Dallas has tried food truck parks in mall parking lots (fail) and at Heritage Village, which was actually awesome, but a bit out of the way.

Boso's Truck Yard has a lot of potential, in part because of his knack for creating interesting spaces and also because of its location in an area that's trying so hard to woo a pedestrian crowd. Plus, the Truck Yard is sort of like going to food truck camp for big kids. There's a tree-house bar with about a dozen seats and two other bars on-site with 30 beers on tap to make sure the crowd is properly hydrated. There are also craft cocktails on tap.

Carnival Barker will be pedaling their ice creams in the main building with the help of their new Kickstarter-funded pasteurizer. Per their Facebook page, they beg for your patience the first week as they figure out the logistics of running a retail spot (on little sleep). And since co-founder Sarah so boldly revealed a crying-in-the-shower session to get here (thanks, Texas State Department of Manufacturing), we hope you oblige.

The Truck Yard's website lays out the schedule for lunch and dinner every week. There will be three trucks there at a time, plus the permanent cheese steak and ice cream spots. On Saturday Crazy Pig, Cajun Tailgators and the Food Station will be at the park for lunch, then Tutta's will switch out for the Food Station for dinner.

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