Alice knows how to get her drink on.EXPAND
Alice knows how to get her drink on.
Susie Oszustowicz

The TyKu Colada at Alice Brings Together Ryan Reynolds, CeeLo Green in a Way You'll Actually Like

We're starting to realize that half the reason people love beach vacations is that they finally can (without being judged harshly) order frozen daiquiris. There's just something that feels right with one beside a pool or on a cruise or, frankly, when you're in any other city.

Alice, one of Dallas' newest kind-of Asian restaurants/cocktail bars/makeshift dance clubs, gives us the chance to order frozen cocktails within the city limits and makes it the cool thing to do with its fancy AF TyKu Colada. Some gin from Ryan Reynolds and some coconut sake from CeeLo Green come together and make a cocktail better than the sum of its parts. It's creamy, sweet yet strong, and completely Instagrammable. And to make the whole thing a little better, it's topped with a cheeky pink flamingo.

TyKu Colada ($11): Aviation Gin, TyKu coconut sake, pineapple and orange juice, coconut milk

Alice Dallas, 1623 N. Hall St. (East Dallas), alicedallas.com

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