The former home of Dallas' "Centennial Mayor," George Sergeant, at 635 N. Zang Blvd., will soon be an Oak Cliff restaurant.EXPAND
The former home of Dallas' "Centennial Mayor," George Sergeant, at 635 N. Zang Blvd., will soon be an Oak Cliff restaurant.
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Food News: Former Mayor's House to Become Oak Cliff Restaurant and More

In this week's round up of food news, a historic Oak Cliff home is saved from demolition and things heat up in Victory Park:

  • This week, the Dallas City Council decided that plans for a restaurant in the former Oak Cliff home of late Dallas Mayor George Sergeant can move forward although the building is nine parking spaces short. At a Wednesday council meeting, developer Jim Lake got the go-ahead from the city, which decided that "Lake could make do with 22 spots, especially given the property's proximity to the Oak Cliff-to-downtown free streetcar line," Robert Wilonsky reported this week. "Documents prepared for Wednesday's meeting said that was the only option left for a tumbledown house whose sole salvation was the restaurant being proposed by the developer."

    Some neighbors voiced opposition, complaining of already scarce neighborhood parking. The dearth of nine parking spots led Kidd Springs Neighborhood Association leader Pam Conley to literally scream, "Please stop doing this to us," at the City Plan Commission during a Sept. 28 meeting. In that meeting, Lake argued that if the home couldn't house a restaurant, it was almost certainly doomed to be demolished.

    "The council was ultimately faced with two choices: approve the parking and give the house a shot at a second life — 'the hallmark of the entire Bishop Arts District,' [north Oak Cliff Councilman Scott] Griggs said — or vote no and allow Sergeant's home to continue to rot," Wilonsky wrote. "Lake, whose investment is surrounded by new multifamily construction, even considered moving the house out of the city limits." The restaurant's name, for now, Wilonsky says: The Mayor's House Restaurant.

  • D Magazine's Nancy Nichols had a pretty comprehensive look yesterday at the "new" Victory Park that's in the works, and it includes a lot of food and drink. A number of local restaurateurs have signed on so far, from Tracy Rathbun (Shinsei, Lovers Seafood) and This & That Concepts (High Fives, The Standard Pour) to 8020 Hospitality (HG Sply Co., Standard Service) and Brooke Humphries (Barcadia, It’ll Do Club, Pints & Quarts). There will be a new luxury movie theater and a "20th century Dallas saloon." Check out Nichols' piece for details.

  • GuideLive's Tiney Ricciardi popped out to Trinity Groves' new Network Bar, the pricy, members-only networking bar that requires a hefty membership fee and thorough vetting before you can get in, to try its $150 tequila cocktail, the Golden Dawn. Is the pricey cocktail worth the money? Well ...

  • As reported by Eater, in an interview with the San Antonio Current, the owners of San Antonio-based Hot Joy explained in greater detail why they pulled the plug on Hot Joy Dallas. Via an email from frontman Chad Carey:

    "I’m sure it seems odd to close it after just 15 weeks…but this is why we announced it a 'pop up'. We went on this adventure with Front Burner within a super-fast timeframe…and didn’t really know how it was gonna go ... how the Dallas market would react to it, and how we would manage a Hot Joy 300 miles away from home, and how the relationship between our companies would work…all that stuff.

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