The Week in Dallas Food: Tiny Sandwiches, Too-Sweet Desserts, and Lots and Lots of Beer

This week we brewed at the zoo, ate some disappointing things, and Leslie Brenner told us another thing wrong with Dallas. Read on.

City of Ate/Observer Even if Taj Chaat has Amruth beat as far as charm, interest and adventure, the humble vegetarian former stumbles into second place when it comes to pickle quality. It's just that Amruth has some really good pickles. Some may even call them ass-kicking.

If anyone knows what to do with meat parts, it's Alice Laussade. The Dog Stop isn't bad at it, either; they offer all those parts stuffed into a tube (then called "all-beef"... Justin Bitner will be upset) and nestled on a poppy seed bun with jalapenos.

The Observer's first Brew at the Zoo was called "generally well done" by one commenter. We have a slideshow of the animal mobs enjoying a wide selection of beer.

Then there was the time that Scott paid $6 for a 2.5 inch turkey sandwich, got a 2.5 inch ham sandwich instead, and figured out that a foot long would cost nearly $30. And it still wouldn't taste any good. Winspear catering, get a hold of yourself.

We haven't talked about brunch in a long time, so Alice Laussade decided to bring it back to the blog by trying out Cane Rosso's new brunch menu. Someone over there finally put Nutella with pancakes.

It was announced this week that chef Jeff Harris, formerly of RedFork, and formerly of Craft before that, will replace Graham Dodds as executive chef at Bolsa. Matt Balke (RedFork, York Street) is also joining the Bolsa crew.

Cooling down from his cake ball rampage, Justin Bitner picks food advertising as his new target, and finds lots of people who agree that all natural is usually all nonsense.

Our contributor, Jonas M. Luster, won People's Choice in CBS' Most Valuable Blogger Awards for his blog, Feastcraft. We think this is a hugely awesome. Congratulations, Jonas.

Side Dish Andrew Chalk has another very important announcement about Taco Cabana.

Leslie Brenner added "desserts" to her list of Things Dallas Does Completely Wrong during her spot of KERA's Think on Tuesday.

We will always like alcohol in nearly any capacity.

Nancy Nichols and George Lewis debate if diners should have a time limit. And maybe not a time limit, but I wish all diners had the good sense to move it to the bar after several hours camped out in a booth.

Pegasus News If the SGA Dining Services committee can get it passed, there will be more vegan options in TCU cafeterias. A good day for vegans (but it will be a great day if they can get that passed.)

Wolfgang Puck catering, they of the petit sandwiches and other disappointments, was named the caterer of the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, opening in 2013.

City Council turned down Garden Café's request for a liquor license. Now, owner Dale Wootton is kicking himself and deciding the final fate of the restaurant.

Escape Hatch Dallas After the announcement of new chefs at Bolsa, there was also the mention of Bolsa Mercado. Mike Hiller gets a few more details on the former, and quite a few more on the latter.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.