The Week in Food: Lots of Lists,
Plus Some Cabbage for Roughage

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Dallas blogs spent the week wrapping up 2010 in a series of lists and predicting food trends for 2011.

City of Ate Hanna Raskin feels diminutive in the face of a face-sized bland chicken breast at Kenny's Italian Kitchen.

Alice Laussade edits four-letter words out of her vocabulary to deliver a glowing review of the American-Chinese Shanghai Restaurant.

Taco fanatic Jose Ralat Maldonado picks the frontrunners from his year on the Taco Trail. Then he looks ahead to how the taco will evolve in 2011. He predicts meat inside of tortillas, and then the rest is left to imagination.

Robert Wilonsky catches up with Tom Colicchio to discuss changes at Craft. The brief interview makes the celebrity chef seem professional and kind; nothing like the catty teenage girl Sidedish's Nancy Nichols encountered.

Alice Laussade takes in a bunch of half-priced drinks and fake boobs at the Bachelor premiere party at Bailey's.

Micah Boswell and Elizabeth Stewardson had their priorities in order when they gorged themselves on thousands of dollars in champagne and dancers, but only $25 in food. It would be a sweet story, except the Dallas pair fled the scene without paying their astronomical tab.

Dallas Morning News Kim Pierce calls Avila's good, but says the recent product of a public family split made the meal -- half good, half thrown-together -- feel rushed.

Mark Vamos enjoys most of the food served at Hector's, and promises that you'll have a good time at the rambunctious, playful, Hector-singing-and-dancing "Hector Show" -- if you're into that kind of thing.

Eats Blog You know how you promised yourself that 2011 would see way more cabbage and way fewer cigarettes and cheesecake bites? GuideDaily's Tina Danze is right there to support you with three cabbage recipes.

In a quasi-rare display of playfulness, Leslie Brenner and commenters make a list of gastronomic oxymorons.

Sidedish Hayley Hamilton reports that chef Matt McCallister will take a moment before his year-long cooking tour to create some playful, innovative dishes alongside chef J. Chastain (Second Floor Bistro) and chef Abraham Salum (Salum). Reservations are available through either restaurant.

If you haven't been on a food blog since the invention of the Internet, then you may not know that Jeff Harris is leaving his position as executive chef at Craft Dallas and that chef Tim Bevins is replacing him. Otherwise, you're tired of hearing about it.

Critic's Guide We at City of Ate love a good list. Dave Faries indulges us with a list of the best places to find pate.

Although Brad Cameron finds some underappreciated, tasty vegan fare at The Clay Pit, the Indian restaurant still manages to slip somewhere between the "Why not?" and "Maybe you could go to Kalachandji's instead?" categories.

Chowhound Users make a list of underappreciated gems in Dallas after selecting the best spots for petit fours and chocolate cake.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.