Winston McCall me, maybe?
Winston McCall me, maybe?
Susie Oszustowicz

The Winston McCall From The People’s Last Stand Blends Hellfire and Basil

The People's Last Stand offers delightfully mixed options across its copper-top bar, most created by the men (and women) behind the stick. The Winston McCall is crafted by Dena Sweis, their lone female bartender, and it packs a punch.

Prepare your palate for some serious spice thanks to the multiple peppers in the hellfire bitters. The heat is balanced out by the muddled cucumber and the freshness of the lime juice. While you could make this one at home with the recipe below, I bet you $8 that you can't make the garnish as expertly as they do.

2 oz. Tapatio tequila
0.5 oz. lime juice
0.75 oz. ginger simple syrup
1 cucumber
3 basil leaves
3 dashes hellfire bitters

Muddle the cucumber and basil in a shaker. Add tequila, lime, simple, and bitters, then shake with ice until well chilled. Serve in a small coupe with a cucumber and basil boat.

The People's Last Stand, 5319 E Mockingbird Lane

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