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There's More Booze and More Space at Liberty Burger in Keller Springs

More booze and more space--that's what's new at the new Addison Liberty Burger location. I cozied up to the bar the day after its grand opening (and yes, it just opened September 11, despite the sign off the Tollway being up for months) and found myself next to a pressed-collar Dallas businessman type. We shared my onion rings. We had a moment over the peppery little orbs. He gave me a bite of his bison burger, which was pleasantly gamey, just as it should be. Absent were the long lines and frantic atmosphere of a lunch rush at the Forest Lane location. Bliss.

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I thought we had something good, but then I offered Joe Business a taste of The Bach, Liberty's chicken burger. He said no. I insisted. He said he didn't "do" ground chicken. But this burger isn't so much ground chicken as a chopped breast patty--clever, mixed with walnuts, cranberry and a bit of turmeric. I extolled its virtues. He politely spent more time checking his iPhone.

I took the hint and concentrated on my drinks (plural). Every week they'll make custom infused liquors, changed out based on what's in season and what customers and staff like. "It's like a do-it-yourself home-ec project," says owner Mariel Street. So naturally a flight of tasters was in order.

The jalapeño watermelon tequila sent the familiar tequila tingle up my spine and left behind a pleasant burn. And I fairly pounded a taster of the cucumber gin with a splash of soda. It was so refreshing I could pretend it was a health elixir. I dig the concept of custom cocktails and special liquors that still taste like real fruit and real alcohol--not the sickeningly sweet flavored crap I used to think was dope back in my college days. This is foodie vodka.

Coming up, they'll sell flights of their liquor infusions and introduce a pumpkin liquor for the cooler months. Right now they're debating between vodka and rum. I voted for rum and told them to add some nice earthy spices (you're welcome). Also in the works: fried green tomato topped burger and a chili burger. And for those of you that fell in love with the house dressings that may or may not contain angel tears, they'll start selling bottles of their house made Liberty mustard, Chipotle ketchup and hot sauce on their website in the next few weeks.

Liberty Burger is open at 5181 Keller Springs Road, Dallas, TX 75248

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