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There's Really No Excuse Not to Get Trousered and Watch Soccer at a Pub This Week

"Fucking bullshit," a man in a perfectly starched shirt muttered as he walked out of the Londoner in Uptown yesterday, apparently unpleased with his afternoon. Manchester United had choked against Manchester City, coughing up a chance to cinch the Premiership. But what's bad for Man U is good for casual soccer fans who still want to catch a few games before the season ends.

I hadn't watched a match since the season kicked off last fall. I was searching for Dallas' best hangover cure and happened upon Trinity Hall, an unlikely venue tucked into the Angelika Center that draws expats from all over the Dallas. Those first games were moderately attended, but now that the season's end is near every match feels dire, and fans are coming out in droves.

The Londoner was packed yesterday as the match neared halftime. A mix of waiters and waitresses who didn't have to work on a Monday afternoon, along with well dressed office workers who blew off the afternoon's TPS reports, caught what was ultimately a pretty boring game. (Fucking bullshit, indeed.)

If you've never taken in a match at one of the area's pubs you owe it to yourself to give it a go. Patrons from all walks descend, and there's always an interesting crowd. The following matches should have a decent draw at all three of the bars listed below. My favorite is the Londoner in Uptown. They still have the best fish and chips in Dallas.

Chelsea vs. Newcastle, May 2 1:45 p.m. This is the best match to catch if you want an excuse to blow off your boss and skip out of the office.

Chelsea vs. Liverpool, May 5 11:15 a.m. This FA Cup match is an entirely different contest, but this one's a final so the winner takes all.

Manchester United vs. Swansea City, May 6 10:00am CT. Manchester United always draws a crowd. You'll never be alone at at English pub when this team is on.

Manchester City vs. Newcastle, May 6 7:30am CT Manchester City stayed in the race with today's win. If they can beat New Castle they should end up winning the Premiership.

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