Things I'm Thankful For

It has been a difficult year so far, at least for many people. We've dealt with a media blitz over Sarah Clampett's new book, a couple of bozos named Jon and Kate, the continuing presence of Oprah...oh, and that economy thing.

Still, there are many things to be thankful for this holiday season. The recession hit other restaurant scenes much harder than it did Dallas', for one. And local restaurateurs have responded to our financial plight, sometimes cutting entree prices from $32 to a more reasonable $28.

Anyway, I am thankful

That America's various food Nazi groups (militant raw foodists, hardcore locavores, CSPI, anti-fat/sugar/salt people, twisted food critics) haven't taken over completely, though they keep trying.

For good suburban restaurants with plenty of valet-free parking lots

For restaurants that still take reservations

For The Grape, Tei An, Suze, Nonna, Dali, Ava, Canary Cafe, Cadot, Bolsa and all the other great little places that make dining in Dallas so interesting

For pubs where they also know how to make a serious cocktail

That Cartoon Network started showing Looney Tunes again

That Oprah announced she will retire from television just before the world ends in 2012, giving us a few months reprieve. Now if only Beck and Fieri would do the same

For the burgers at Wingfield's

For taquerias

For douche bags, $30,000 millionaires, pretenders from the OC, Highland Park types who flock to mediocre restaurants, narrow-minded East Dallas types, easily satisfied suburbanites, the Izod crowd in Las Colinas, and every other fixture on the Dallas dining scene

That Goody Goody exists

That Houston is so far away

For Scardello, Jimmy's Molto Formaggio, T.J.'s and the other great specialty markets

For DirecTV

For this green Odwalla crap I'm drinking at the moment

For Richie Whitt's Sportatorium

That companies send freebies, because I give them to the receptionist so she'll think I'm a kind, generous guy...and so she'll fend off all those calls from creditors

For summer sunsets viewed from Five-Sixty

For the Shops at Legacy in Plano, perhaps the best planned community in the area

That the Dallas Morning News has a hard-ass critic.

That Stephan Pyles is plugging along

For The Londoner in State-Thomas, if only because the patios are nice

For Manchester United, Colin Edwards, Sebastian Vettel and Robert Kubica, the Penn State Nittany Lions and the 'Boys

That my buddy Ian at The Idle Rich supports Liverpool, because it's good to have someone to laugh at

But mostly I'm thankful for bacon--as always

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Dave Faries
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