Git 'er done, or something.
Git 'er done, or something.

This Pork Rinds Company is Holding the Strangest Contest Ever

So now for something completely ridiculous. Rudolph Foods, maker of fine pork rinds apparently loved by truck drivers the world over, has created a video submission contest. The prize? $1500. The task? Create a video about how much you love pork rinds, Duck Tape and ... your truck.

From the official press release:

"In honor of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week Rudolph Foods & Duck Brand® duct tape is hosting a "What's in Your Truck?" contest for a chance to win $1,500. To enter, simply catch yourself on video (even a 15 second video will do!) answering the question "3 Things I always have in my truck: a bag of pork rinds, a roll of Duck Tape, & [BLANK]."

My suggestion? Something MacGuyver-style. I mean, what couldn't you do with a bag of pork rinds and a roll of Duck Tape?! If you can fill 15 seconds with something awesome -- and, really, who couldn't, with this type of assignment -- you might just win.

But hurry; video entries must be submitted by Tuesday.

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