This Week Online: Superfood are Spawning, Spaghetti is Good and More

This week in the blogosphere, we learned eaters prefer spaghetti to pineapples and how to satisfy the growing numbers of Hispanic wine drinkers. Besides that, it's time for superfood to spawn and vegan burgers to rise above "decent." Read on.

City of Ate Like so many other of its patrons, Hanna Raskin feels at home at Shinsei amid its nearly flawless dishes and hospitality.

Alice Laussade is disappointed by a "Sliceria" almost as soon as she learns what one is. Pizza Venti offers expensive pizza that is simultaneously tough and floppy. It also tastes suspiciously pre-made.

After "confusing" Oak Cliff eaters six nights a week with Pacific-inspired cuisine, Hula Hotties plans to reopen as an Italian restaurant at the end of this month.

Hanna attempts to shine some light on what Hispanic wine drinkers want.

Nick Rallo observes the tastiest "eat-and-run" joints in Austin.

Side Dish Who loves food trucks? Everyone alive in Dallas. So all of those people and a few of their lesser-animated counterparts should mark their calendars for May 1, when three Gandolfo's New York Delicatessen trucks roll out.

The tease is over. Cox is coming to Oak Cliff. Cox Farms Market will bring sell organic produce in the area.

Nancy Nichols discusses when a restaurant is old enough to critique, and explains the difference between a review and a first look.

Critic's Guide This week Dave Faries counts down DFW's top five memorable dishes.

Brad Cameron describes Ketchup Burger Bar as "decent" but "loud."

Crave DFW Steven Doyle reports there's a new sheriff in the kitchen at The Common Table.

There are officially more Subways than McDonald's, according to the latest report from Securities and Exchange Commission. Interestingly, nationwide obesity has not slowed.

If you, like Jon Alexis, have a hankering for wild king salmon, wait just a little bit longer. The "superfood" fish begin to spawn this time of year. Before long, we'll be swamped with meaty fish and healthy fats.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.