This Weekend's Diwali Mela at the Cotton Bowl Is the Best Food Event of the Year

Got all of that Halloween nonsense out of your system last night? Good. Now you've got more important matters to deal with. Diwali Mela is back, and from a culinary standpoint especially, it's one of the most interesting cultural festivals in the area.

The variety of food at this behemoth seems endless. Some 50,000 people pile into the Cotton Bowl to devour chicken pakora, chile chicken, chicken curry and grilled chicken wrapped in buttery parathas. Then there are lamb curries and goat curries and curried vegetables for days. All this from just 40 stalls.

If the chat at Taj Chat House in Arlington is too far of a drive, Diwali Mela will practically have you swimming in puffed rice, soft potatoes and tamarind and mint chutneys. There's khulfi for dessert (trust in pistachio) and when you're stuffed and need a break, the Cotton Bowl has dancing, music and cultural demonstrations.

Tickets are $7 at the gate, and the event runs 4 p.m. till midnight, and since this is pretty much the coolest festival of the year you've got no excuse not to go. Check out their website for more information, and check back here next week to see coverage of the event.

Diwali Mela, The Cotton Bowl, November 2, 4 p.m.-midnight., $7

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