This Week's Best Food Deals Are The Reason We're All So Damn Fat

Our inbox fills each day with a metric shit-ton of offers, flash sales and discounts. Here are some of this week's foodfull best.

Gilt City Dallas: $20 for $40 worth of cookies Gilt City Dallas isn't dead yet. And these baked goods from Carol's Cookies look pretty damn good. Each cookie weighs almost half a pound. You can just imagine what each half-pound of cookie will look like on your ass. Okay, so perhaps this is a perfect gift for someone you hate. A frenemy, if you will. Either way, there are thirteen gourmet flavors to choose from. Pick your poison.

Gilt Taste: $26.95 for a big, fat, Sticky Toffee Pudding cake If you're feeling particularly British, and you like things like Vegemite and Spotted Dick, you probably love a good pudding too, don't you? Well, here's another sweet from the Gilt folks that made me drool a little when I first saw it. The English Pudding Co. has created this buttery, date-filled cake with some sticky toffee sauce to drench it with. Decadence, much? Cheerio!

Scoutmob: 50% off at Hunky's Hamburgers Burgers, burgers and more burgers! Dallas is burger-crazy and you're no different. Download the Scoutmob app and get yourself to Hunky's on Cedar Springs. Burgers, salads, chicken sandwiches, veggie things and more sandwiches grace the retro diner-style menu. For dessert? Blue Bell rules. It's like Johnny Rockets without the mall. Or the egg salad sandwich. Win.

Groupon: $29 for a dinner for 2, $58 for 4, $87 for 6 at Gordo'sThink Italian-American. Better yet, think Italian and American. Those are the types of dishes you can expect at this Dallas institution. Gordo's has been around for 58 years, settled in Preston Center, serving up pizza, pasta, burgers, fish dishes and daily specials. Also, in keeping with the theme of this week's food deals. Gordo means "fat" in Spanish. As in, "this is why you're..."

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.