This Week's Best Food Deals, Starring Sushi, Wine, Brunch and Spun Sugar

Our inboxes fill each day with a metric shit-ton of offers, flash sales and discounts. Here are some of this week's foodfull best.

It just so happens that this week's best food deals make for a perfectly frugal Friday night out. I'll pick you up at 8.

LivingSocial: $15 for $30 at Sushi on McKinney Let's begin with dinner. Sushi on McKinney is already one of the most fairly-priced raw fish spots in town, and this LivingSocial offer can make your next trip there even cheaper. Personally, I highly recommend you spend some of that $30 on a Robb Roll, an order of Spicy Pressed Sushi and an Ahi Special. Sit in the back where it's dimly lit, for an increased romance factor.

Scoutmob: 50 percent off at Vino 100 Date night continues with wine. Show your lady (or your gentleman) that you know how to woo with the best of 'em by taking them to Vino 100. Depending on your date's preference for or against frugality, whip out that Scoutmob app -- either subtly or with flourish -- and get your wino on for half off.

Google Offers: $45 for brunch for four at The Place at Perry's For the morning after. If given the opportunity, I will always choose brunch over a walk of shame. Not to be confused with Big-Ass-Pork-Chop Perry's, The Place tends to be a little more laid-back and packs a bit more class in each meaty punch. So, obviously, an opportunity to try out their brunch is absolutely too intriguing to pass up.

kgbdeals: $29 for a Cotton Candy Maker Finally, it just wouldn't be Tuesday without a completely bat-shit crazy offer for the sugar lover who has everything. This week, it's this home cotton candy machine. Perfect for last-minute carnivals, former clown support groups or bribing small children. Perhaps you could accidentally leave your favorite cotton candy maker at his or her place, guaranteeing a second date. And before you know it the two of you will be feeding each other pink sugar strands while watching Biggest Loser reruns together. And that's not creepy at all.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.