This Year, Sandra Lee is Thankful
For Jell-O Shots

Thanksgiving is about spending time with the family. It's about giving thanks. And sure, eating turkey and stuffing is great, but Thanksgiving has always been missing that one key item that every epic party needs: Jell-O shots.

Luckily, Sandra Lee, of Food Network Semi-Homemade Cooking fame and the creative mind that brought your Thanksgiving the sweet biscuit wreath (Sandra's recipe: Buy Pillsbury Grands. Follow instructions on back of packaging. Sprinkle with cinnamon. Ta da! I'm famous! ) now brings you cranberry molds!

Lee's cranberry molds recipe suggests that you simply follow the instructions for making Jell-O, add some vodka, pour into 4-ounce molds and refrigerate. (I say just pour them into Dixie cups and cut out the BS. It's not like pouring them into silver ramekins and garnishing them with a mint sprig is gonna fool anyone into thinking these are "actual desserts.") After four hours, bust them out and get ready for a Thanksgiving no one will remember!

I have to say, I'm generally anti-Sandra Lee, but I completely agree with her on this one. Thanksgiving needs Jell-O shots. I'm thankful for them. I know frat boys are thankful for them. It's what the pilgrims would have wanted.

Of course, booze has always had a welcome seat at the Thanksgiving table. But this year, let's really do it up big and get completely blackout turkey drunk. As a family! Just be prepared to hold grandma's dentures while she repeatedly heaves thanks into the toilet.

What's next, Sandra Lee? I'm crossing my fingers for a turkey gravy luge. In fact, I'm trademarking that right now.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.