Those Burger Commercials of Yore

It's still National Burger Month, so we here at Days Gone Bite are celebrating the ultimate meat sammich with a look back at some of the more memorable fast food burger commercials.

Feel free to link to your faves in the comments, as we're really just hitting the Biggies that crop up here in the Lone Star State. And, well, "yore" is a little subjective.

8. Dairy Queen

Not the best one Dairy Queen ever had to offer, but, to be fair, DQ's ad dollars often went toward the dessert-y. This burger ad, though, has its moments.

7. Wendy's

Parents of a certain age still quote this one...and think it's funny.

6. Sonic

We really wanted to show the old Frankie Avalon commercials, but only came up with a chicken-oriented one. For shame, YouTube-ers! That being said, Sonic's current commercial series is top-notch so this'll fill in nicely for the golden-throated wonder.

5. Braum's

Any of the Ernest P. Worrell selections would do nicely. Rest in peace, Jim Varney. Know what I mean, Vern?

4. Whataburger

Mel Tillis was an unlikely but passionate and lovable pitchman. When he said you couldn't beat a "WWHHAATTAABBUURRGGEERR," we were inclined to believe him.

3. Burger King

The premise of this hidden camera commercial series was brilliant. It showed just how serious BK customers are about their flame-kissed patties and provided a fair amount of laughage at the same time.

2. Jack in the Box

Yeah, sorry. It'll be stuck in your head for a while now. But it's freaking awesome. And tiny. And bold. Yippee-ki-yay!

1. McDonald's

This is advertising dollars at work, people. A classic you won't soon forget even 26 years later.

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