A tiki bar soft-opens Thursday in the space that used to be Three Sheets.EXPAND
A tiki bar soft-opens Thursday in the space that used to be Three Sheets.
Courtesy of the Pilikia Facebook page

Tiki and Technology: Two Curious New Dallas Bars Open This Week

This weekend, you’ll have two new Dallas bars to choose from: Hide, a Deep Ellum cocktail bar that features 30 cocktails made using equipment like centrifuges, and Pilikia, a tiki bar opening in what used to be Three Sheets.

Hide opens at 5 p.m. Friday at 2816 Elm St. and will feature “a clean, minimalistic ambiance with floating liquor shelves and a hydroponic herb garden,” according to a press release. Here’s a sampling of the drink menu from Scott Jenkins, director of beverage and principal bartender, and owner Nick Backlund:

Snapdragon – kummel, pisco, clarified grapefruit, maple syrup, cardamom tincture
Tally Man – aged rum, bananas
Hold Me Close – overproof bourbon, blackcurrant, clarified lemon, bar syrup, wormwood bitters, absinthe
Upside Down – fino sherry, chamomile scotch, aquavit, clarified lemon, pineapple cordial, nutmeg

Get used to seeing a lot more sherry and aquavit on cocktail menus around Dallas this year, not just at Deep Ellum “cocktail laboratories” with centrifuges and floating liquor shelves.

Over on Ross, the team behind Truth & Alibi and the Tipsy Alchemist is hosting a soft opening Thursday night for Pilikia, where you’ll find “creative and extravagant cocktails that honor mid-century Tiki culture.” There’s also a lot of mention of Polynesia in Pilikia’s descriptions, although the mid-century Tiki movement in the U.S. has only loose associations to the actual Polynesia and was a purely American construct created by an enterprising West Coast bartender — but that’s a story for another day.

Pilikia has a soft opening at 8 p.m. Thursday at 3113 Ross Ave.

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