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Tillman's Roadhouse Isn't Changing Menu;
Dan Landsberg Gets a New Gig

Chef Dan Landsberg, who spent four years helming the kitchen at Tillman's Roadhouse, has moved on -- but his former employer's been slow to make the changes promised in the wake of his departure.

Landsberg left Tillman's late last year, telling Pegasus News' Teresa Gubbins he'd reached a philosophical impasse with co-owners Sarah Tillman and Todd Fiscus.

"We discussed the direction of the restaurants, and where they wanted it to go wasn't where I thought it would go," Landsberg was quoted as saying. "I want to continue down the road of farm-to-table, from-scratch seasonal stuff."

According to a follow-up statement issued by the company, "Tillman's also decided this was the perfect time to update the current offerings -- expect to see a few new menu additions in early 2011."

Manager Eric Dominguez now says no menu changes are planned.

"We still have the same menu," Dominguez said when reached by phone today. "We just have specials. Nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing has changed."

Tillman's has not hired a replacement executive chef.

"We have a culinary team," Dominguez explains.

Hotel ZaZa last week announced Landsberg will serve as executive chef of Dragonfly, taking over the post vacated in September by Grant Morgan; Landsberg's been charged with developing a new menu for the uptown restaurant.

"I'm really looking forward to joining the ZaZa family and creating a fantastic, fun menu that will capture a new essence in Dragonfly," a release quotes Landsberg as saying.

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