Tim Love Hates Vegetarians and Their Roasted Pumpkins

Could Tim Love be the unnamed saboteur who copped to bathing vegetarian entrees in lamb's blood?

It's highly unlikely, but the Fort Worth celebrity chef isn't shy about carnivorous sermonizing. He last week shared "Five Reasons Not to be a Vegetarian" with Eatocracy, CNN's online food site. Other food personalities tapped to provide fodder for the daily feature have stuck to eye-rollingly benign topics for their five-item lists: John Besh came up with five things to eat before going to a Saints game. Melissa Clark divulged her five favorite things to eat while her baby's asleep. And Sean Brock listed five reasons to eat heirloom vegetables.

Love was having none of that namby-pamby stuff, instead wading into a debate so contentious that his list has already generated 1488 comments, including one from a vegetarian who rethought his or her diet after reading Love's post.

"If someone could please gut and roast Tim Love, I'd be more than happy to eat him," B wrote. "In fact, I'll do the slaughtering if you'd let me."

Love's reasons for meat-eating include steak's suitability for tailgating; steak's aroma; steak's iron and protein count and steak's taste, of which he writes: "I mean, really, which would you rather have -- a grilled Texas ribeye, or a piece of squash?" Before you answer, check out his third reason for beef consumption:

"Imagine a restaurant full of preachy vegetarians," Love writes. "If I want to eat meat, let me eat it in peace. Nobody is forcing you to be a vegetarian, so why are you trying to force us?"

Eatocracy editors were apparently unaware Love's position could cause any controversy in Texas:

"We talk a lot in this neck of the woods about the great vegetarian debate," they wrote in an introduction. "On the other hand, when you come from a state with cuts of meat named after it (i.e. the Texas ribeye) like Love, being an omnivore is pretty much a way of life."

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Hanna Raskin
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