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Tim Love Shares the Love for Kids and Family at Save-a-Lot; Fires Chili Buckshot at Germans

While Whole Food's new store has gourmands descending on it like birds flocking on Tippi Hendren, a local Save-A-Lot attracted mommy and family food bloggers with the appearance of Tim Love, owner of and chef at Lonesome Dove Western Bistro in Fort Worth. The Cowtown celebrity, best know for his game-heavy interpretation of Texan/Western cuisine and for besting Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, also makes the ladies swoon, adores children, and has been employed by Save-A-Lot -- perhaps unwittingly -- in its first salvo against newcomer Aldi, a German discount supermarket company masquerading as Iowan. Sprechen sie what, cowboy?

On March 26, in Garland, Love was present to teach the invited attendees that a family can eat well on a budget without sacrificing nutrition. What better way than through chili, a beloved Texas dish that has birthed myriad competitions and feuds, like the current Wranglers versus lederhosen rivalry?

Love pulled a page from a children's show during the demo, telling a group of fourth graders at the event to try new food. The advice was probably lost on the tykes, but it didn't matter. They were in awe of his knowledge of chiles and his delivery. To be sure, Love was more interested in the kids than the Internet-savvy stroller set who giggled through the photo op and snapped pictures of his ass. The only folks he asked about the chili were children!

To up the ante, further proving that we take better care of our own than foreigners, Save-A-Lot donated the ingredients and a $1,000 gift card to the SoupMobile, which will distribute the dish in its mission to feed the North Texas disadvantaged. Chili, after all, feeds more people than sauerkraut.

Chef Love's chili recipe can be found here.

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