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Tim Love's Dirty Love Burger is So Very Nice

Here's the thing about working in the Town of the Cow versus our more easterly hamlet: In these parts, when a group of people are waiting for an elevator in a downtown building, once our vessel arrives, everyone keeps their eyes straight ahead, makes haste in an orderly, yet all-business fashion and quickly board. We've got places to go.

In Fort Worth, it's more of a dance. Every boot-wearing or winged-tipped kind gentle sir will insist, no, beg, that everyone else enter the elevator ahead him. "After you," with a long, slow bow.

"No, after youuuuuuu."

This can go on for quite some time. It's cute and sweet, until at some point everyone just needs to get the fuck on the elevator.

Tim Love's Love Shack partakes in this kindly swagger, too. I mean, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the drink special is five Schlitz or PBRs for five dollars. How kindly is that?

One of his three locations, the spot I visited is nestled in a covey of residences and retail spots on West 7th Street just west of downtown, across from the old (but new again) Montgomery Plaza. The open-air court yard is the jewel of this cozy, social spot. A small stage sits at one end and a fire pit with lounge seating forms the middle, surrounded by many tables. They even have leopard-print Snuggies for when it's chilly outside.

As for the food, the burgers are ground daily and made up of a 50/50 combo of brisket and prime tenderloin. The Dirty Love Burger is the signature sandwich (photo above) and comes with lettuce, tomato, pickles, love sauce (I think it's some kind of relish -- a bit sweet), American cheese, bacon and a fried quail egg. A single is $6.24 and a double is $7.85.

There are five other burgers on the menu; the usual suspects plus a turkey burger and Amore Caliente with poblano chile, guacamole and pepper jack. There are also options for chicken sandwiches, fish, hot dogs and salads.

On a nice day, with the scent from the grill wafting through the courtyard, good tunes on, cold (cheap) PBRs in hand, maybe the fire pit going to counter any chill in the air, I'd definitely hang here.

Sidenote: Tim Love's newest spot, The Woodshed Smokehouse on the Trinity River, is set to open within a week.

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