Excited about the trip the east Dallas Saturday ...
Excited about the trip the east Dallas Saturday ...

TJ's Seafood Market To Toss Its Net in East Dallas This Saturday

From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. this Saturday, TJ's Fresh Seafood Market is setting up shop in East Dallas for a little impromptu fish market.

Owner Jon Alexis likes getting out of the office (which is his 1,200-square-foot store on Preston Road) and will take over an auxiliary room at Urbano Cafe (look for the red awning on the other side of Spicer).

In addition to pushing fish in a new area, Alexis likes hanging out with different folks. And, as always, he's on a relentless mission to take the mystery out buying, cooking and eating fish. He'll explain anything to you, including specific recipes.

As of Thursday morning, Alexis says many of the fish he'll have at the market are still swimming. But, he does know they'll have sushi grade No. 1 tuna, Bay of Fundy salmon, wild Alaskan king salmon and halibut, queen snapper (bycatch), shrimp, lump and jumbo crabmeat and "whatever else fun that comes in at the docks."

They'll also have some of already prepared foods like seafood enchiladas, crab cakes and tuna burgers.

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