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To Get The Most Out Of Your Vodka, Infuse Your Own

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Be adventurous The only limit you should adhere to when infusing vodka is the number of ingredients you add to any one batch. Think beyond the strawberry and pineapple flavors you know too well and give some herbs and spices a try. The resultant flavors will often surprise you.

Fruits Strawberries Pineapple Blueberry Citrus zest (avoid the white pith) Peaches Dried figs

Vegetables Peppers (seed and dice) Celery Horseradish root Ginger root Cucumber

Herbs Bay Dill Basil Lavender Rosemary Fennel

Spices Cardamom Coriander Caraway Star anise Cinnamon Vanilla Fennel

The ingredients and combinations are endless.

Keep your freshly made aquavit in the freezer and the only thing that's left to do is to enjoy it. Make sure you have some food for people to pad their stomachs, pass out the glasses and get to know a whole new type of vodka shot. You won't even recognize some of the flavors you encounter. The hangover, though, that you'll remember.

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