To Make Brunch, You Gotta Break A Few Eggs

Sure, the holiday foods we most associate with Easter may be chocolate bunnies, Cadbury Eggs and the occasional pastel hardboiled thing. Believe it or not, though, some people supplement those necessities. As is the case every year, many restaurants are offering Easter brunches. Below are a few that piqued our interest.

Bijoux will braise that rabbit and send out two more courses, as well. 214-350-6100.

The deal at Charlie Palmer runs pretty much all day. 214-261-4600. 

Dragonfly offers a four-course, $50-per-person brunch with bottomless mimosas. 214-550-9500. 

If you crave lobster omelets, check out Dallas Fish Market. 214-744-3474.

The annual four-course Easter Champagne Brunch at Nana has seating available from 11 a.m. till 1:30 p.m. Maybe. 214-761-7470.

The Grape features ham, lamb and some things that don't rhyme. 214-828-1981.

La Duni--always a good choice for a three-course brunch. 214-520-7300.

Tre Amici whips up four courses, or pick from the regular menu. 972-250-4400.

Al Biernat's offers an all a la carte deal. 214-219-2201.

Cliff Cafe. Egg hunts for the kids and pancakes for all. 214-393-2300.

Stephan Pyles and Fearing's--well, those pretty much go without saying.

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