Toast National Caipirinha Day at Fogo de Chão with $5 Caipirinhas

The caipirinha is the simpler sister to the mojito.
The caipirinha is the simpler sister to the mojito. Fogo de Chão
The caipirinha, a traditional Brazilian cocktail, is one of the "vacation cocktails" you'll often find on menus in tropical destinations.

You can frequently find it right beside its sister cocktail, the mojito. A simpler version of the mojito, its ingredients of lime, sugar and cachaça — the most commonly distilled spirit in Brazil made from sugar cane — make for a clean, easy drink.

Tomorrow, Sept. 13, will give us all a chance to celebrate the citrusy firewater concoction thanks to National Caipirinha Day.

Luckily, Fogo de Chão, the steakhouse chain that always ensures we leave its restaurants with our top pants button undone, is going to help us celebrate heartily by offering $5 caipirinhas all day long Thursday in the bar. (You can't get the deal in main dining rooms.)

While the traditional caipirinha is simple, Fogo also offers five premium options, such as the coconut crème and strawberry-hibiscus. So go crazy if you want to try something a little more adventurous.

Drink up on the 13th, and saúde.

Caipirinha ($12.50, $5 Sept. 13): cachaça, lime, sugar

Fogo de Chão, 2619 McKinney Ave., Suite 150 (Uptown); 5908 Headquarters Drive, Suite K150, Plano; 4300 Belt Line Road, Addison
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