Today: Lunch at Dickey's for $1. Later Today: Regret?

Let's be honest: You really shouldn't be able to eat a pulled pork sandwich for $1, and the fact that the Dickey's barbecue chain is willing to sell theirs for that much, even for one day, even in honor of their anniversary, raises some questions about from where they pulled that pork.

But if you forgot your lunch at home and can't find your wallet and your car is out of gas and you don't have a single friend at work and you can't go a few hours without eating and you don't keep kosher and you happen to live within walking distance of a Dickey's, start digging around for change and see if you can come up with a pulled pork sando's worth.

Or just call it a fasting day. Either one. But it's good to know you've got options.

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