Too Hot to Eat is Too Hot to Think Much About Eating, Apparently

Even though a new In-N-Out opened, the only things hot this week were Trinidad Scorpion "Butch T" peppers and the puzzling chains on Michael Costa's The Office Grill. Read on.

City of Ate Welcome to our new food critic! Scott Reitz, due to arrive soon, is an experienced eater and writer from D.C., and he may or may not know his way around an assault rifle.

Elaine Liner decides John Tesar's The Commissary is a flop, naming its harried wait staff, underwhelming and badly timed deviled eggs and underdone desserts as particular low points. The Table gave a stronger performance, but not enough to justify the price tag.

Alice Laussade agrees that Pecan Lodge barbecue is good, and says it causes her to express something about balls.

Governor Rick Perry signed a bill that allows home bakers to hawk their goods. You can even text your order in while driving down the freeway!

In-N-Out opened on North Central last week. Yawn. We are so over it now.

If ghost peppers were getting a little bland and you have something -- ahem-- to compensate for, man up and consider ordering a case of the now-hottest-pepper, the Trinidad Scorpion "Butch T" pepper.

A food blogger in Taiwan called beef noodles "too salty," and got the book thrown at her in the form of a month's detention and two years' probation. If you can't do the time, don't criticize Taiwan beef noodles.

Side Dish Nancy Nichols had an inkling that something is going on with Michael Costa and The Office Grill -- something that involves chains, chef knives and aggravated liquor wholesalers.

Nichols and Amy Severson have started compiling a history of Dallas food.

You already know how much I love picking on words in food reviews. Tim Rogers joined the fun and took cracks at Leslie Brenner's fondness for "gestalt."

Escape Hatch Dallas Mike Hiller reported that Stephan Pyles will open a restaurant in San Antonio this fall. The good news: It's a restaurant by Stephen Pyles. The bad news: It'll open just in time for the backup rapture.

Crave DFW If you can't get enough Taco Guero (and seriously, who can?) there's a new location in east Dallas.

Later this summer, Sara Salo will kick off the School Food Tour, in which she'll travel across the nation and interview kids for their input on school lunches, while promoting healthy living through lectures and farm visits. Oh, and she'll be traveling by bike.

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