Top 10 Chefs Who Deserve More Attention

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6. Dan Landsberg, Tillman's Roadhouse
The California native claims an impressive local pedigree, having worked with the likes of Pyles, Garza and what's-his-name (number one on our list). He helped get Stephan Pyles up and running, in fact, before moving over to Oak Cliff. Yes, he has a dedicated following. That doesn't, however, add up to much press.

5. James Neel, Tramontana
Just around the corner, Kent Rathbun's Blue Plate Kitchen attracts the kind of attention local celebrity chefs expect. Then there's Neel and his little space. He receives enviable reviews, sure, but no one seems to mention him afterwards. Surviving without much publicity, well, that's one indication of good cooking.

4. Tracy Miller, Local
There are no good dining venues in the Deep Ellum area, right? Nope, they're all...wait a minute, what about Local? That's pretty much what we go each time we rummage the brain for a place to eat. Yes, she's been the recipient of rather positive press, including repeated listing by Zagat. Given her talent, however, the chef-owner should be mentioned at least as often as Badovinus.

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