Top 10 Most Annoying Diet Fads

Grapefruit can change your life. Cabbage soup, too. Balancing the right carbs with the right fats extends one's youth. Smoking shaves off the pounds. Eating only vegetables is ethically right...

While Americans didn't invent ridiculous weight loss incentives (they date way back) or the assumption of moral superiority in one dining lifestyle over another (Hitler, after all, abstained from alcohol and meat), we seem particularly susceptible. Over the years we've heard from breatharians, who insisted yoga could moderate food cravings, advocates of the skim milk and banana diet, the infamous tapeworm diet and the Lucky Strike-sponsored weight loss technique involving several packs of cigarettes a day.

As short lived as its adherents, presumably.

Why are we so gullible? Might as well ask why our heroes these days tend to be on doltish side...although admittedly we'd love to achieve the popularity of Joe the Plumber or Glenn Beck.

Yeah, there are those who are subject to body chemistry and thus must take extreme measures to lose or maintain weight. Otherwise, there's nothing wrong with steak, bacon, cream-laced milkshakes, bread, potatoes or anything else--in moderation with appropriate exercise.

Simply put, there's no excuse for not exercising enough. And there's no excuse for these ten annoying fads...

10. Diet pills
Before speed and cocaine, these were all the rage when it came to thinning down to crack whore proportions. Diet pills were common from the 30s, when scientists introduced Dinitrophenol. While the drug did increase metabolism, it also had nasty little habits such as causing blindness. In the 50s, doctors began prescribing amphetamines--great idea. Next came Fen-Phen, which cured obesity by weakening heart valves in some cases. Why is this annoying: 'cause we keep on poppin'.

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