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Top 10 Resolutions We'd Like To See Fulfilled

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A new year, another chance to set things right.

It's why some people announce personal goals this time of year, right? Few carry them through for the entire 12 months, however. In fact, only the easiest resolutions--add more flab, drink cheaper booze, exercise the credit cards--manage to hold our attention more than a couple weeks.

Still, there are some resolutions that deserve full force commitment. We want to see them played out to the end, however difficult.

Of course we're talking about resolutions made by other people.

So to kick off the new year, we offer our list of resolutions we'd like to see other people make--and keep.

10. Food Nazis: "We resolve to get a life...and let other people live theirs"
We wanted to say this a little differently, but then we've resolved not to use those words quite as often. Instead, we'd like to hear crusaders for low fats, raw foods, pro-bee, ethical or whatever foods give us a 'what the hell--nothing wrong with people eating thick steaks or processed foods if they want.'

9. Marc Cassel: "I'm going to go the distance"
That's right, he has the iconic white goatee. Now beef up the torso, buy a white suit and do the Colonel Sanders bit properly.

8. The owners of Tre Amici: "We will settle once and for all on a concept"
OK, it's still an Italian (kinda) steakhouse. But in one year this space has gone from Fruia's Tre Amici to Tre Amici Roadside Grill (or something) to...um, who the hell knows just what they call it now. Give it a rest.

7. The new owners of Bob's: "We will re-focus on the kitchen"
As owner Bob Sambol's problems spiraled out of control, he allowed an average steakhouse to slip below the Outback line. Now, we know big spenders don't know any better--and we're all for a restaurant taking their cash. But we'd also like to see a place prosper because their kitchen turns out buttery red meat and beautifully prepared sides. Get after it.6. The group behind the Green Room: "We resolve to read more"
Specifically You Can't Go Home Again, The Great Gatsby and any other piece of literature suggesting the folly in any attempt to recapture the past. Change the name and allow the chef to create a new Deep Ellum icon.

Thumbnail image for nickbadovinus.jpg
Nick Badovinus
5. Nick Badovinus: "I'm not going to get distracted"
The popular chef's Neighborhood Services was a hit. Word that he plans to open at least one and possibly two spin-offs in 2010 is troubling, though. However much a chef-owner trusts his or her crew, there's a risk they may not have the same drive. If there's only one taskmaster, that person can get stretched too thin very quickly.

4. Residents of Uptown: "This year we're going to judge by the food, not the scene"
Uptown is cool. Too often, however, those who populate Uptown establishments willingly allow the kitchen to slack off, to spew out middling dishes. If the place still draws a crowd, no one in this part of town seems to care. Time for that to change.

3. Most Tex-Mex restaurants: "We're going to learn how to make tamales"
A good tamale is one of the most satisfying things in the culinary world. Too bad that--outside of some mom and pop spots--few restaurants in Dallas really care. Maybe this goes back to point number 4, but that's no excuse. Visit some small Mexican family kitchens and beg them to teach you. While you're at it, learn everything else, as well.

2. Those who live inside the loop: "We resolve to watch Revolutionary Road over and over"
Please do. And please believe in the myth of suburban torpor. The funky little ethnic restaurants in Carrollton, Richardson and other 'burbs are better off without the pressure to be trendier and more upscale.

1. Stephan Pyles: "I'm gonna keep doing what I'm doing"
We want to hear you say it, chef.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.