Top 25 Food-Related Quotes Of The Past Decade

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17. Maria Sotolongo
"I'm not particularly fond of cow parts, but I like rabbit."

The former Fox 4 weather babe was speaking about organ meats when we recorded this. Her brother, she said, owned a tapas spot in Houston and she loved the open-minded, Spanish approach to food. Just not certain parts of it.

16. Waitress Lauren Zindel
"Chewing with their mouth open and talking while they chew--it's disgusting. Of course, if they tip well I can put up with their chewing."

The topic was diner faults, which brought out some interesting commentary from wait staff. One even remembered a guest who kept spitting into the ashtray. Hmm...ashtray--that shows the age of this quote.

Nick Badovinus
15. Nick Badovinus
"Besides figuring out how many different ways I could fit the F-word into sentences, not well."

When asked how he managed to cope when the flat-top stove at Cuba Libre decided to shut down during lunch rush one afternoon many years ago. Keep in mind, the place has an open kitchen. Must have been quite a show.

14 Lisa Kelley
"You get burns, you slice fingers, your hair is a mess and the chef's jacket makes you look three times the size you are."
Back in 2003, this was how the executive chef at Hattie's sized up life in a professional kitchen.

13 Louie Canelakes
"I think anything with a theme is bogus. Our theme is food and drinks. The customers have to fill in their own blanks."

The owner of Louie's was speaking to the question of real dives versus fake dives. But he says so much more.

12 Gilbert Garza
"It doesn't say whether it was a healthy goat."

The Suze chef said this while examining the label on a container of supermarket goat cheese I'd placed in front of him--and after he'd taken a taste.

11 Neil Taylor
"If they want garlic in their mashed potatoes, I'll put garlic in them. If they want the skin off, well, they can go to Popeye's."
This comment comes from March of 2001, when Taylor served as manager of Good Eats in Addison, famous (I guess) for skin in their mashed potatoes.

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