Torchy's Tacos Is Coming to Arlington, Meanwhile Babe's Chicken Files Suit with Dallas-based Investment Firm

An article in the Star-Telegram reported a financial brouhaha between Dallas-based investment firm Southwest Securities and their dealings with the Arlington Babe's Chicken Dinner House and the recently renovated Arlington Music Hall, which is next door.

Sandra Baker writes:

"A state district judge in Tarrant County late Wednesday signed a temporary restraining order that stops Southwest Securities FSB from accelerating payment on the developer's $5.1 million note or posting the property, at the southwest corner of Center and Division streets, for foreclosure. A hearing is scheduled for July 11."

For all the details, check the full article.

Slightly more interesting than the "debt service coverage ratio" plot, is another note buried in the story: A Torchy's Tacos is slated to be built right next to Babe's in Arlington!

Remember when Arlington was a culinary wasteland? Well, it's still hard to use the words "culinary" and "Arlington" in the same sentence, but progress is being made.

Now within a one-mile area is a Torchy's (hopefully), Mellow Mushroom, Babe's and Grease Monkey's Burgers. Then, down the road there's a Twisted Root, Fuzzy's, a new Hooligan's and Flying Fish. It's still a total bummer the Why Not? Club (really, Why Not?) closed, but you lose some and you win some, ain't that right, Arlington?

Not sure what will happen with Babe's and the music hall, surely they'll get it all worked out. The suit reports Babe's serves more than 450,000 customers a year. That's a lot of chicken dinners.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.