Torteria Insurgentes' Tinga de Res Quesadilla Deserves a Standing Ovation

A pair of flour tortillas containing flavored rubber cement is not what you think. It's not the traditional Mexican quesadilla. It's a stateside creation, part pie, part Frisbee, part Sheetrock and insulation. South of the border, a quesadilla is a half-moon shaped sandwich of cheese with the filling of your choice. (Think of it as a large taco.) Meat is the most common. That is combined with a light drizzle of crema and, in the case of the selections at the fantastic Torteria Insurgentes off of Greenville Avenue, lettuce. The latter is a refreshingly crisp juxtaposition to the steamy beef stewed with tomatoes known as tinga de res.

The strings of coyly spicy beef intertwined with the lettuce and held together with the crema and light cheese rests inside a warm house-made tortilla that, while corn, has a consistency that lays somewhere between corn and flour: spongy, hearty and sweet. It's the triple threat of Mexican sandwiches. It dances, sings and acts on your tongue, leaving you entertained and happy and primed for an encore.

Torteria Insurgentes 7019 Holly Hill Drive 214-750-5542

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