First Look

Tracy Miller's Rosemont Opens In Deep Ellum

Tracy Miller's long awaited Rosemont (2912 Elm St., 214-741-6066) opened its doors today, an event marked quietly by a tangle of white balloons tied up out front under cloudy skies. I first learned of the new restaurant while interviewing Miller during my review of Local last November. A tipster alerted me to the opening this morning.

Inside the sparsely decorated space, white tones dominate, accented with a few colorful flowers in ceramic vases behind the bar and on each of the tables. According to their website Rosemont will "feature an upscale modern American menu, emphasizing straightforward, approachable cuisine that both looks and tastes clean and composed."

The plates may look upscale, but they couldn't be any more casual. A bowl of cheerios, currants and granola graces your table when you sit down, and grilled cheese and ham sandwiches are cut into tiny triangles, just like Mom did. You might want to sit on the floor and watch cartoons on the television while you eat.

A table wrapping up breakfast as I sat for lunch snacked on doughnuts while they waited for their check. I asked, but had missed the treat. Breakfast was over, and the dude with with powdery sugar on his fingers turned the screws. "They're really good," he mouthed.

They looked really good. And considering the desserts served back at Local, I'm willing to bet they are. For now, I'm willing to say Deep Ellum has a new casual eatery that looks really interesting.

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Scott Reitz
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