24 Carrot Cupcake
24 Carrot Cupcake

TrailerCakes for Lunch, and Other Opportunities Afforded By Today's Food Truck Stops

head on over to Trailercake's basement storefront for a 24 Carrot Cupcake. (Bubbles the trailer is on lockdown.)

For lunch today, Green House and Gandolfo's New York Deli will be in the Arts District.

Jack's ChowHound is at Knox Place on Central Expressway from 11:30 - 2p.m.

Nammi's food truck will be in Addison at the Walgreens on Belt Line Road for lunch and the Sigel's on Fitzhugh for dinner.

Ssahm BBQ is at the Centennial on Preston for lunch and Uptown on McKinney for dinner.


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