Travel + Leisure Recognizes Truck Yard Among Nation's Best Sports Bars

Many images come to mind when thinking about sports bars. Bud Light bottles, six-at-a-time in buckets of ice; shots; waitresses in skimpy referee uniforms; no less that 704 flatscreen TVs -- this is how we spend our time while watching sports, provided we found the energy to peel the backs of our thighs from our leather couches, grab some pants and actually make it out the door.

What is not immediately evoked is the rusting metal, faded rubber, junkyard chic imagery of Jason Boso's Truck Yard. Regardless, Travel + Leisure named the Greenville Avenue booze-garden one of the nation's 10 best places to get sauced and watch the game. They called it superlative.

The magazine mentions the sprawling outdoor space, craft beers and food from an endless parade of Dallas-area food trucks, all of which is great, if not especially sporty. But when a game worth watching is televised, the Truck Yard team unfurls a projection screen that will make the 72-inch monster you bought for your Super Bowl party look like a flip book.

I haven't watched a game there, but I walked in once while the Cowboys were losing and as Travel + Leisure attests, the place gets jam packed. There wasn't a place to sit, people were swinging from the tree house and everyone was very drunk. Sounds like a sports bar to me, even if you need to bring your mittens to enjoy it.

Bonus: After four quarters of drinking, there's a killer cheese steak to help you soak all that excess alcohol up.

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