Tre Wilcox Gets the Iron Chef-Style SmackDown at Le Cordon Bleu: For a Good Cause!

There was no back-flipping chairman or electric-green squeeze bottle of Bobby Flay's signature sauce, but Iron Chef (or Bravo's Top Chef) food nerds got their fix of food competition with Chef SmackDown at the Le Cordon Bleu College for Culinary Arts on Sunday.

The battle pitted Loft 610's (and Top Chef contestant) Tre Wilcox against Chef Edward Mendoza in an Iron Chef-style, secret ingredient-dependent battle. What, you ask, was the secret ingredient? The chefs whipped up their variations using...drum roll...Hawaiian blue prawns and jumbo lump crab from Rex's Seafood. Mendoza very, very narrowly beat Wilcox according to Sheryl Coyne-Batson of Ten for 10: Water for Africa. Proceeds went to Ten for 10, a project aiming at providing clean water to children in Africa.

Our photographer Stephen Masker was there to capture Chef Wilcox at the SmackDown, which you can see after the jump.

Chef SmackDown also held "Restaurant Wars," which pitted local chefs from Bolla, Green House Truck and Northwood Country Club in a food battle. Team Bolla took the title for this particular SmackDown.

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