Trinity Groves' Kate Weiser Steps Up Her Ice Cream Game

What frontier is left for Kate Weiser after conquering the world of chocolate? Ice cream. Fresh on the heels of being named one of the best chocolate shops in the world, Kate Weiser Chocolate is stepping up its ice cream game with three new designer sundaes.

At $8 a pop, you could easily find a cheaper sundae, but it wouldn't be a KWC work of art. Choices include the lemon poppy, featuring green apple mascarpone ice cream and lemon poppy seed cake, as well as the carrot cake, with carrot-ginger sorbet and honey-poached carrots. My favorite is the Kate-y Trail Mix: Peanut butter kisses a buttery salted caramel ice cream, contrasted with the tart pucker of bing cherry sorbet. Brittle-like pretzel crunch, candied nuts, halved cherries and gilded shards of that famous chocolate are the crowning touches.

Each sundae, hand-crafted by a chocolatier, receives the same attention to detail given to their jewel-toned bon bons. These babies are definitely worth the designer price tag. I can't wait to see what Kate tackles next.

Kate Weiser Chocolate, 3011 Gulden Lane, Suite 115. Follow Kate Weiser Chocolate on Instagram to stay posted on KWC's epic collaborations and limited-edition creations, such as the waffant.
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Kellie Reynolds
Contact: Kellie Reynolds