Triple Digits, Brisket Road Trips and New Tacos: This Week In Here Comes Summer

Here we go, Dallas. I know you're excited to fire up your grill, don your Speedo and drink rosé, but we have a week to wrap up first. I promise to make it quick.

No review this week, but Lauren offers up a great interview with Danyele McPherson, the sous chef at The Grape. I spent my week hanging out with the folks at Jimmy's.

Elsewhere on CoA we ate sushi in a castle (sorta), fixed ketchup bottles forever and found some crazy pork belly at the Meddlesome Moth.

Over on the Eats Blog, Leslie Brenner reviews Manuel's Creative Cuisine, and points to this cool video by the folks from Pecan Lodge, which demonstrates how to cook great brisket. Anyone try that on their Weber kettle?

On Side Dish Nancy Nichols continues to try and make me question my career transition while Carol confirms my assertion that the Samoa is the greatest cookie for deep frying.

The Snob handed out another four-star review over on Full Custom Gospel BBQ. Anyone want to road trip it to Kerrville this weekend? It's only a five-hour drive. You get the gas, and I'll make a mixtape.

And there's a new local cooking blog called oodblo. These tortillas look pillowy enough for a nap. Speaking of tortillas the Taco Trail has a good sneak peek into the new Rock and Roll Taco project at La Grange. I'm adding that to my weekend list.

Yes, the weekend. Just try to focus on your last round of spreadsheets while I power down my desk top, grab a cold can of Budweiser and do my damndest to celebrate the sun. It's going to be a long summer, Dallas. I'm making the best of it.

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