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Truck Yard Now Offers Sunday Brunch

It isn't easy to improve on the simple awesomeness of a place like Truck Yard. When you combine those incredible cheesesteaks, strong-ass frozen drinks, and their kitschy outdoor atmosphere, that's a pretty solid recipe for a drunken good time. Now, this Lower Greenville hipster dreamscape has found a way to make their joint even better: Sunday brunch.

Truck Yard launched its inaugural Sunday brunch on Mother's Day, as good a time as any. They opened their doors bright and early at 10 a.m., and served delicious brunchy fare from three brunch-themed food trucks -- chicken & waffles, brisket hash, and the usual bacon and eggs, a solid selection for soaking up booze and inducing a late Sunday afternoon nap.

Hypnotic Donuts, everyone's favorite place to experience delicious, sweet carb overload, provided their donut holes and other goodies for the brunch. Mixologist Emily Perkins mixed up communal punch bowls meant to serve 5 to 10 people, or perhaps two really ambitious day drinkers. Of course, the usual cocktails (gin and juice, anyone?) will still be available, and with any luck, they'll introduce a menu of their own takes on classic brunch cocktails. If they're taking requests, we'll go ahead and ask for a bacon Bloody Mary, please.

All together, this adds up to be a pretty solid, low-key brunch option on Lower Greenville. You could probably even show up in your sweatpants without being judged. Fortunately, the brunching isn't over just because we're not celebrating Mom anymore. A press release from Truck Yard last week announced that they would be offering Sunday brunch throughout the spring and summer, until the end of October. No word yet on whether or not the food trucks will swap out throughout the season, or if the dishes will change.

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Amy McCarthy