True Food Kitchen Will Bring Kale, Other Green Things to Preston Center

I have to admit the menu of the upcoming True Food Kitchen is looking attractive. I was never the type of person that went nuts for juice bars and dishes that prominently featured kale, but two years of dining as a food critic have taken a toll. I crave fresh vegetables and fruits like I used to crave burgers slathered in mayonnaise. I get cranky when I miss a visit to the gym.

So of course I'm going to be interested in a restaurant that claims promoting a healthy lifestyle is a cornerstone of its menu.

There are six True Food Kitchens in Arizona, California and Colorado and The Plaza at the Preston Center location marks the first in Texas. Sample menu items include herbed hummus, chicken sausage pizza, bison burgers and grilled trout. I can hear my doctor breathing a sigh of relief as I type.

It's all based on Dr. Andrew Weil's (not my doctor) anti-inflammatory diet, which relies on a lot of fresh vegetables, grains, legumes and seafood. It certainly sounds delicious. Potentially. And if it's not, Hopdoddy is right across the street.

It's scheduled to open November 19.

True Food Kitchen, 8383 Preston Center Plaza Drive, Suite 100, 214-377-3333

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