Try All Five Local Breweries and Support Texas Brewers at March Beer Dinner

Just days after Texans celebrate the state's Independence Day on March 2, drinkers can support its independent brewers and try offerings from all five of the DFW area's functional breweries. (That number won't be five forever, but more on that later.)

Corey Pond at The Common Table says Rahr & Sons Brewing Company, Franconia Brewing Company, Deep Ellum Brewing Co., Lakewood Brewing Company and, fingers crossed, Peticolas Brewing Company, will all be featured in an all-local beer dinner 7 p.m. Monday, March 5.

Each brewery (with the possible exception of Peticolas, as brewer-owner Michael Peticolas wasn't certain he could commit, last Pond had heard) will offer one beer. In the next couple weeks, Pond says, chef Mike Smith will create a menu after sampling the beers to be featured.

The dinner will be $65, with $15 from each seat going toward Open The Taps, a worthy cause if ever there was one, and Pond has pledged at least $1,000. 

Update: Peticolas sent word Saturday that he has confirmed the date with Pond and his brewery will be part of the dinner as well.

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