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Tto Tto Wa Is On The Move: Get Your KFC Fix While You Can

Remember Tto Tto Wa? The tiny box of a restaurant has been serving up sticky fried chicken and other Korean snack foods for more than two years. It's a cool little spot with tiny tables tucked into tiny booths and an atmosphere that feels far, far away from Dallas. We sent a photographer to Carrollton for a fried chicken roundup and found out owner Angela Kim is selling the spot.

This is potentially sad news.

Kim says she's not selling her recipes. Tto Tto Wa will keep banging out spicy Korean fried chicken somewhere in the area, but she doesn't know where yet. Richardson and Coppell were two areas she said she was considering but she's still very early in the process. Her current space is under contract, though.

Regardless of where they move, I'm concerned that a similar look and feel can be hard to create unless the new spot is absolutely perfect. Kim's customers were a big part of the draw for me. Late at night customers listened to weird pop, sipped on soju, drank massive quantities of Coors Light and basically completed what is a very compelling eating experience.

If you've enjoyed Tto Tto Wa in the past, you owe it to yourself to get up there again before the bird flies the coop. (Go late and stay late for the best scene.) And if you've never been to Angela Kim's house of chicken, you're missing out on one of the most interesting dining experiences to be had in the area.

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Scott Reitz
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