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Turn On Bizarre Foods Tonight For a Unique View on Dallas Eats

Late last year Andrew Zimmern got a food tour through DFW with local barbecue editor Daniel Vaughn. Vaughn told us the show should run some time in April, and it turned out to be true. Dallas: Red Meat & Rattlesnakes airs tonight at 8 p.m. on the Travel Chanel.

Vaughn accompanied Zimmern to Chicken Scratch for what looks like barbacoa, and then Lockhart Smokehouse and Odom's for barbecue.

He also headed out to Fort Worth and snapped some pictures of his meal at Revolver Taco, but according to some pictures posted to the Travel Channel Website there were some additional stops that didn't make their way into Zimmern's Instagram feed.

Apparently Carrollton's Russian Banya will be featured on the episode, so if you read the review I wrote but never paid the banya a visit, tune in and have a look. One of the pictures features Zimmern sharing vodka with the tattooed Tony G and some difficult to discern dishes. That alone should make it worth checking out the show.

And because bizarre foods thrives on the squick factor, Zimmern encounters Thai nam prik kaphi at an unnamed Thai restaurant. Sorry, you haven't heard? It's roasted giant water bugs, smashed using a mortar and pestle, then added to a paste with shrimp, lime, garlic, Thai chile and palm sugar. Actually compared to grasshopper tacos it doesn't sound all that bad. As soon as I figured out which Thai restaurant is featured on the show I'm going to ... well, maybe I'll watch the episode before I make any plans.

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