Tweetin' What We're Eatin'

These kids today... What with the Facebook and the Twitter, fail-free schooling and Red Bull with their vodka. Camille, hand us our Huxtable sweater, it's so cold and scary.

But since we have this thing about keeping up with the latest and greatest (and sometimes the oldest and worst) in foodstuffs--and we're told by thugs in our marketing department that self-promotion is a good thing--we had to jump on the Twitter wagon.

So peeps, or tweeps if you prefer, please consider this a formal invite to join us on Twitter. We'll be tweeting it up and you can share in the twalk or just let us know if you like what we twote. Yeah, twote.

OK, this slang is ridiculous.

Just come follow us on Twitter, yeah? We'll keep you posted on City of Ate goings-on as well as stuff we think is perfectly unnecessary and therefore awesome.

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