Twisted Root Burger Co. Offers Humanitarian Program to Beat the Summer Heat: Free Popsicles

Hard to remember the last time the temperature was less than 100 degrees. Aside from holing up in our air-conditioned house and jacking up our utility bill, we're starting to think there are no other means of keeping cool. But Twisted Root Burger Co. has given us another way of chilling out. Beginning today and running every Tuesday for the remainder of August, anyone who walks into a Twisted Root location between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. will get a homemade-flavored root beer popsicle. No purchase necessary.

That's right. Walk into a restaurant, ask for a popsicle, cop a squat and then walk back out into the heat -- hopefully, it's just to an air-conditioned car. Owner Jason Boso says, "We're offering it for free because Dallas deserves to cool off for a few minutes during the hottest part of the day on the hottest month of the year." Chef Boso, we hope you don't mind that we're not going to buy anything else, and that we'll probably hit up all three locations in one day. It's friggin' hot out there.

The dates and flavors are after the jump:

Tuesday, August 10 - Homemade Vanilla Root Beer Popsicle

Tuesday, August 17 - Homemade Butterscotch Root Beer Popsicle

Tuesday, August 24 - Homemade Caramel Root Beer Popsicle

Tuesday, August 31 - Homemade Banana Root Beer Popsicle

Twisted Root Burger Co.
5609 SMU Blvd., Suite 102

730 E. Campbell Road, Suite 330

101 S. Oak St.

Deep Ellum
2615 Commerce St.

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